Promoting your accepted CSCW paper by writing a Medium article

CSCW 2022 authors,

We invite you to submit a short Medium article based on your accepted CSCW paper to CSCW’s upcoming Medium publication.

The purpose of CSCW’s Medium publication is to summarize and showcase work published at CSCW for a broader audience. We expect the audience to comprise fellow HCI researchers, HCI students, industry practitioners, and media outlets.

We encourage paper authors to write articles explaining your papers in a straightforward way, highlighting the research contributions and main takeaways. Try to make your article accessible, concise, visually appealing, descriptive, and actionable. The Medium articles will be promoted on social media (i.e., Twitter) before and during CSCW 2022. Please check the CSCW’s Medium publication for examples.

When you are ready to publish your article, please email with your Medium account handle (e.g., @acm-cscw), and we will add you as a writer to the Medium publication, where you can submit the article by yourself. Please also send us a very brief tweet about your paper, and we will use it to tweet about your article. Feel free to email us if you have any questions.

CSCW 2022 Communication and Outreach Co-Chairs



ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work.

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